Types of brochures

As everything has a variety so the brochure designing has other forms too. Usually there are 2 types of brochures seen. These two different types of brochures are used to target the two different types of public or customers.

First type of the brochure

The first is the basic type of the brochure. It is yet simple, plain and it is folded only one time, such kinds are mostly seen in the public places like malls, offices, and also in the parks. This is made from the A4 paper size. This A4 paper is folded only 3 times so it produces 6 squares. 3 will be formed on the front side and the other 3 will be on the other side. Such brochures do not need much effort for its preparation. These will contain only a brief or introductory paragraph explaining the services of the business.

Apart from the introduction this kind will also contain other information which is as follows:

  • The name of the company
  • The logo of the company
  • Picture of the building of the employees

Then after the printing is done these are then distributed among the public places as mentioned above. The main motto is to target the local public places where more population visit.  The brochures sometimes are left at the doors of the houses of the shops.


Second type of brochures

The second type of the club flyers is in the form of a small booklet as we seen in the medicine packs. This kind if larger than the first type and contains information in more detailed form. This particular is distributed among those clients who has shown interest in your business and requires more information about the services. This is not a cheap brochure printing type rather it requires more money than the first one. Apart from the general information it also includes:

  • Future plans
  • Innovative ideas
  • Annual profits
  • Salaries
  • Department names

In order to attract more clients towards your business it is beneficial to keep both the types of the brochures at the reception. This will be helpful for that client who seeks more information about your working and services.

Relevant information

The main problem arises that which information should be printed on which panel. As we said that the brochure has usually 6 panels, 3 on the front and 3 on the back. So the main important thing which is the logo should be printed on the main panel. This logo will be the identity of your business.

Similarly, on the other panel the address will be written. The third panel will contain the contact number and the email address of your business. The last panel will contain the less important information like the guide map and other information about the company. After completing all the design get it checked that how the final print looks like. Do not forget to print the draft at first because if you want to amend anything it would be easy. Also check the brochure of your competitors.

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